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This is the hub of garage door repair FAQs. The experts respond to your queries. We give you solutions to problems, suggestions and ideas. Go through our answers and get familiar with your garage door system.

Which size of garage doors do you need?

Many of the modern and custom builds of the garage door were specifically designed to meet your specifications and needs. The current maximum width available nowadays is 6.2 meters. If you need to know which type will work for you best, Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks suggests getting professional consultation for the most accurate information.

When roller garage doors hit obstacles along the way, do they stop?

Generally speaking, all modern and newer roller garage doors are available with an auto-reverse functionality. This feature can automatically detect if there are obstacles along the way. As a result, according to Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks, it can minimize damage to your possessions. It also reduces risk for injuries.

Why doesn't my garage door close well?

When the garage door doesn't close all the way to the ground, it means that the extension springs do not work properly or you have only replaced one of them and there's no equal balance from both sides. It could also be attributed to loose cables, which doesn't allow the door to reach the ground or damaged garage door tracks, which don't allow rollers to slide properly and complete the movement of the door.

What are the benefits of insulated garage doors?

Garage door repair Sherman Oaks technicians advise homeowners to invest in an insulated garage door as it promotes an energy efficient home. The outdoor temperature does not make its way inside and there is less energy consumed in heating or cooling your home.

What does the lift of a spring measure?

This is a characteristic of garage door torsion springs. It measures how much weight the component can lift. This, in turn, is determined by the torque which the spring is loaded with. In general, a longer and wider component which is made from thicker wire can be loaded with more torque and lift more weight.

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