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What Garage Door Repairs Can You Do On Your Own

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

Your garage doors are giving you a hard time but you are just tired of running to first garage door contractors each time your garage door make a slightest unsettling sound. Well, you know what – you do not have to. There are actually many things related to your garage doors that you can do on your own. Careful, though! The things you do on your own should definitely be one time “adjustments” and not general attitude toward your garage door repair routine and garage door maintenance. On the other hand we do not need to tell you how garage doors are massive elements within your household and if they are not properly taken care of or serviced they may lead toward potentially hazardous situations. So even though there are things you can and should do on your own; this DIY garage door repair should not replace the regular garage door check up and garage door servicing at the professional garage door company.

Let’s go back to those garage door repairs that you can do on your own. Now, probably when you hear terms like garage door opener repair, garage door spring replacement, garage door cable repair, garage door motor repair and similar you most probably feel completely intimidated and inadequate for the job. Well you do not have to feel that way since all these jobs are performed by man after all. Yeah those many have adequate education, background and practical experience now; but once many years ago they were simple beginners just like you are and they started from basics which is exactly what you are going to do. The difference between you and the professional garage door repair contractors is that you will most probably limit yourself at theses basics and that is quite ok, take in consideration your needs and motifs why you decided to learn them at the first place.

Garage door off track and how to get it back

One of the most common garage door problems and malfunctioning is garage door off track. Now, if you happen to be among those lucky ones that need to cope with his kind of situation on a regular basis then you definitely need to learn how to put your garage door on track if you are still not ready to replace your garage track. So the first thing you need to make sure is that your tracks are properly placed and tightened. If they are narrowed, loose or improperly installed this might be causing the problem. Another thing you need to always keep in mind is that your tracks get used and consequently get dirty. If your tracks are too dirty your doors stand no chance of rolling up and down properly and thus the proper maintenance is definitely a must. After you have adjusted your tracks and cleaned the same you should manually fit the rollers onto the track. It is always advisable you do this with a help of a friend since garage door are very heavy and when improperly handled might hurt you.

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