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Clopay Insulated Garage Doors

There is a wide range of Clopay insulated garage doors. These range from models with five-layer construction and polyurethane insulation in the Canyon Ridge collection to the models with a double-layer steel panel and polystyrene panel backing in the Grand Harbor collection. All units with insulation are given an R-value which measures their thermal resistance.

The higher the R-value is, the higher energy efficiency the garage will have

Clopay Insulated Garage Doors in CaliforniaThe level of insulation depends on two factors. The first one is the layer structure of the door. The more layers a unit has, the higher its R-value is, all other factors being equal. The two-layer structure consists of a steel or composite layer and a layer of insulating material. With the three-layer structure, there is an added layer of the main material. It could be steel, composite or wood. When there is a four-layer construction, there could be a double front layer or composite overlay added to a single front layer. In case of a five-layer structure, there is composite cladding as well as overlay.

The second factor is the insulating material. With the overhead doors of this brand, there are two options. The first one is the patented Intellicore material used for Clopay insulated garage doors. It is basically polyurethane foam. It can be used only with structures that have three, four or five layers because this material is only sprayed in between two solid layers. In this way the filling is better. In general, polyurethane itself has a fairly high R-value and great resistance to damage. It has good durability as well. Polystyrene is the other option. It comes in panels that can be attached to a single layer of steel or composite material. With some models, it is possible to select the thickness of the polystyrene panels.

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