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Advanced garage door maintenance services.

Garage Door OpenerGarage door services are something that all people who have doors will need. But who will do these  services for you. If you call our garage company at  Sherman Oaks you will have the best in this area. We are a company/contractor that cares about their customers. We will go that extra mile to make sure that we give you the best service possible. This is why we have a 24/7 emergency service so that our customers can call us no matter what day or time it is.

Garage door springs are what keeps your  door from crashing down when you are opening it. There are torsion springs that are for heavy doors and comes in 2 sets of two and extension springs for lighter doors and comes in 1  set of two. The thing is these springs can be dangerous when they are being replaced. Please always have a professional change them for you like our Garage Door Repair Company in Sherman Oaks.

Garage door maintenance/adjustments are another garage door service that our Garage Door Repair Company in the city of Sherman Oaks does for our customers. This is doing things like tightening all loose screws, doing regularly maintenance lubrication, and checking parts for potential problems. Though these are things that homeowners can do, customers choose to allow us to do it so that no problems are missed.

Genie garage opener, Liftmaster door opener, Chamberlain door opener, Craftsman  door opener, Sears’s door opener and Marantec door openers. These are the garage openers that our Company in Sherman Oaks keeps in stock for our customers. These are top of the line openers. Garage door openers are heavy and big which makes it hard for them to install. Our garage door company has the skill to replace or install them with ease. There are 3 drives that operate these openers. The chain drive, the screw drive and the belt drive.

When you buy a door opener you really need a door remote. A remote will make it easy to operate your door even from inside your vehicle. No more getting soaked trying to open the door to pull your car in. Our Garage Door Repair Company in the city of Sherman Oaks carries Genie Intellicode, the Clicker, Liftmaster Security and the Multi Code.

Garage door replacements/installations is a service that will come out and install a new garage door for you or will replace a old garage door with a new one. We at our garage door company in Sherman Oaks have wooden , Craftsman , steel doors and aluminum  doors. There are many styles to choose from. We are positive you will find a system that will suit your taste. We can also replace windows.

Glass doors are a  door that will make all of your neighbors envious. They are easy to care for- you can clean them with a little soap and water. They have a metal alloy frame and a coating that allows for privacy but yet will leave the sunlight in. These are you must let a professional install. If you attempt it yourself and break the glass then all that money will be wasted. Check out the glass doors at Garage Repair Company in Sherman Oaks.

Garage door repairs are things like door off track, replace section , weather Strip bottom rubber. Our Garage Repair Company in the city of Sherman Oaks can do all of these repairs and so much more. Repairs need to be done by an expert so that the repair is done right.

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