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Know Your Garage Door

11/03/2013 Back To Blog

Multiple accidents occur in California due to unawareness of safety measures for garage doors. It is vital to know about the important factors and the precautions that are needed after installation.


A garage door opener helps open and close your garage conveniently. But, it is vital to stay alert to ensure whether or not the mechanism is working efficiently. The reason is that if precautionary measures are not taken, the garage door can become a safety concern for the users and their family.


In the early days, the mechanism of the tool was manual which got replaced with automatic openers. Today, users can choose between the three drives; chain, screw and belt. Before you decide on an automatic garage door installation make sure to consider the key points that help the purchase and installation process remain simpler and effective.


Previously, remote controls for the operation were controlled by a fixed code. With continuous advancement; rolling-code technology was introduced which developed a secure procedure of setting codes. An unsecured opener at Sherman Oaks not only puts the vehicle at risk, but also stakes the safety of the family.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Accidents

  1. Keep the metal components of the garage door clean. If they become dusty and rusty, a barrier is created in opening the door easily. Additionally, with the help of a cloth, swab the elements with penetrating oil. This helps in eliminating friction and squeaking sounds.
  2. If you have a wooden garage door, avoid any type of leakage nearby. Moisture leads to shrinkage or expansion of wood. Also add weather-stripping to avoid rain water from having negative effects. 
  3. In case you don’t have the time or energy to take adequate preventive measures, you should think about professional care for the maintenance. Our professionals can be at your door step to provide you with Electric Garage Door services. These services include garage door adjustment and all sort of maintenance and repair that can be required at the moment in time.
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